Minimally Invasive Pediatric Surgery


Minimally Invasive Pediatric Surgery
Preparatory training and basic concepts of technique
by Mario Lima, Tommaso Gargano e Francesca Destro

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In recent years we have been witnessing a surgical revolution that aims at minimizing
the patient’s discomfort and optimizing the therapeutic success. This is possible
through the application of minimally invasive procedures (MIS – minimally
invasive surgery) that limit the trauma of surgery. The efficacy and safety of MIS and
thus the capability to overcome the risks connected with these procedures are related
to surgical experience. In this scenario surgical training plays a key role for both
trainees and surgeons with experience in open procedures. This discussion wants to
give MIS basic notions and it is addressed to pediadric surgeons, general surgeons and
interns who want to extend their knowledge in endosurgery.

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