Computer-aided recovery and analysis of damaged text documents


Computer-aided recovery and analysis of damaged text documents Informatica


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INDICE GENERALE: Foreword; di A.Bozzi. / 1.The roots of the project and the end users. / PART I, The digital archives: perspectives and experiments: / 2.Images and texts at the “Fondazione Primo Conti”; di M.La Cauza. / 3.Information recovery and restoration on historical-diplomatic documents of the Italian Ministry of Foerign Affairs; di G.Salberini, V.Pellegrini, O.Ferrajolo. / PART II, Digital restoration techniques for degraded characters: / 4.Image restoration oriented to character recognition; di L.Bendini, A.Tonazzini. / 5.Blind restoration of degraded texts based on Wiener Filtering; di L.Bendini, S.Minutoli, A.Tonazzini. / 6.Markov Random Field models for blind restoration and labeling of degraded texts; di A.Tonazzini, L.Bendini, S.Minutoli. / PART III, Character recognition: / 7.Character recognition and the linguistic spelling checker: an integrated technique; di A.Bozzi. / 8.The linguistic module; di A.Bozzi. / PART IV, The workstation for images and texts: / 9.Image and texts: the workstation prototype; di A.Bozzi.

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