European Union and Legal Reform 2010


European Union and Legal Reform 2010
Edited by Francesco Biagi

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Protection of Democracy and Transitional Justice: Implications of Two Partially Overlapping Concepts within the Context of Democratic Transition in Central and Eastern Europe – Matteo de Simone
Constitutional Court of the Czech Republic and its Role in Human Rights Protection – Jaroslava Vlková
The Protection of Minority Rights in the EU: Talking about Gender Discrimination and Sexual Orientation – Anastasia Anastasiadou
The Necessity of Constitutional Reforms in Bosnia and Herzegovina regarding the Implementation of the Grand Chamber Judgment of the European Court of Human Rights – Sejdi? & Finci v. Bosnia and Herzegovina Sanja Sal?i? and Lejla Kalesi?
Theoretical Aspects of Energy Security. What are the Priorities for Russia: Prestige and Reliability or Progress with the Price Policy – Tatyana Zamarayeva

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